Moceri Residence

This 400 square foot Lake Michigan guest house, located at the Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor, is owned by a couple who refer to it tongue-in-cheek as the “Love Shack.” From the hand-carved front door with a heart-shaped window and hand forged bow & arrow latch,
to the custom-made dressers, specialty window treatments, billowing shower curtain, hand-beaded fabrics,
and bedding from the “Garden of Eden,” to the giant lap pillows and hand painted love letter on the floor,
it was just what the owners imagined.

“With Dorina, it’s turn-key, right down to the kitchen utensils, to setting up a Christmas tree complete with personally chosen gifts
and a crackling fire.” – Jean Maissen-Welker, Homestead Resort, Glen Arbor, Michigan